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Courageous helping change lives

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (BP) - Nine hundred tickets to the new film "Courageous" made a difference in Douglasville, Ga.

Scene from the movie, Courageous.As representatives from eight local churches, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and Douglasville Police Department met together, pastor Steve McFall told them his plan.


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Calvinism cited among reasons Kentucky church turned down for associational membership

ISLAND, Ky. - Was a western Kentucky church denied admittance to a Baptist association because it is too Calvinistic?

Acting on a report brought by its credentials committee, Daviess-McLean Baptist Association voted 104-9 at its annual meeting last week not to accept Pleasant Valley Community Church in Owensboro for membership.

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Turkey quake: survivors 'need aid fast'  

ERCIS, Turkey (BP) - In eastern Turkey, hard-hit by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake Oct. 23, the living are still being pulled from the rubble -- a two-week-old baby, a pregnant mother, a grandmother, according to BBC News.

Officials say the death toll is at 366, with at least 1,300 injured. The death toll continues to rise, but rescue teams are still finding people alive under mounds of concrete and steel with the help of dogs, as well as texts from trapped victims, according to the BBC.


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7.3 quake in Turkey mobilizes response

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) - Southern Baptist disaster relief specialists are responding in the aftermath of a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that struck eastern Turkey the afternoon of Oct. 23.

The disaster killed at least 238 people and sent tens of thousands into the streets as apartment and office buildings collapsed or cracked, the Associated Press reported.

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Alaska Baptists cut budget by 14.6%  

NORTH POLE, Alaska (BP) - Messengers to the 66th annual meeting of the Alaska Baptist Convention reduced their 2012 budget by 14.6 percent.

The convention approved a $1.8 million budget for next year with an anticipated $720,322 in Cooperative Program receipts from the 100 churches in the state.

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