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Sandy Blog: DR volunteers plant seeds of the gospel in a variety of ways

The day for volunteers starts early. Photo by Caleb YarbroughEditor's Note: Caleb Yarbrough, media specialist for the Arkansas Baptist News, is working alongside Arkansas Baptist volunteers serving in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He is blogging his experiences as the team travels to the Empire State to help those in need.

DEER PARK, N.Y. – It was raining when we first got to the work site this morning. It continued to rain on and off the rest of the day and also got colder. The weather slowed us down a bit, but we were still able to keep up with the Red Cross’s demand for hot meals. 

A new group from Springdale, Arkansas arrived last night around 10. They came not to prepare food but to clean, or “mud out” homes that were flooded during Sandy. They will join the chainsaw crew, which has been here the entire week, by going out into the myriad Long Island communities affected by the storm and helping them clean up their homes and roads.

Many of those volunteers working on feeding work site wish that they had the chance to go out to see the remnants of Sandy and talk with those affected face-to-face. However, because the need for food is still high, only a few are able to go out each day to minister directly.

It is difficult sometimes – especially for Southern Baptists – to understand the impact of our work in the mission field unless we see a lot of commitments and conversions. However, as our Ray, our “blue cap” from Forrest City said, “Sometimes God gives us the job of planting seeds, gives someone else the job of watering those seeds and someone else the job of harvesting them.”

Working on a trip like this one really makes me thankful that God’s purposes are greater than my own and that everything we do in His name will be used to bring the lost closer to salvation. 

Continue to pray for our groups from Arkansas, as well as those from Kansas, Mississippi, New York and Red Cross volunteers. Pray for the Lord to give us strength and perseverance through the rest of our time in New York and for the Lord to use all of our efforts, whether making food, cleaning homes or cutting up downed trees, for His glory and as a seed of salvation planted and waiting to be harvested.

Caleb Yarbrough
Arkansas Baptist News