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Sandy Blog: Red Cross meal requests keep Arkansas volunteers busy

Disaster relief volunteers carry a cambro. Photo by Caleb YarbroughEditor's Note: Caleb Yarbrough, media specialist for the Arkansas Baptist News, is working alongside Arkansas Baptist volunteers serving in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He is blogging his experiences as the team travels to the Empire State to help those in need.

DEER PARK, N.Y. – Today was another good day at our work site in Deer Park, New York. At the end of the day we had exceeded a request from the Red Cross to prepare 10,000 meals.

Caleb YarbroughI spent the day working at the power washing station once again. On arrival at the station this morning we encountered a sea of bright red cambros that had been dropped off by Red Cross volunteers to be cleaned and sanitized. Due to the system that I and other power washing volunteers devised this week we managed to get caught up fairly quickly and were able to keep caught up with our work for the rest of the day.

The cooking went well today and we finished a bit early. A couple hours after we arrived back to our lodging location, Bill Cantrell, the director of disaster relief for Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC), and Matt Ramsey, ABSC communications director, showed up. The two came to see and document the work being done in New York.

Matt is a friend of mine and it was nice to be able to have dinner with him and talk about the amazing time I have been having as a disaster relief volunteer here in New York.

Bill and Matt will be leaving to travel back to Arkansas tomorrow after their short stay with us in New York. Please pray for travel mercies as they make their way back to Arkansas.

Please continue to pray for all of the volunteers here from Arkansas, as well as those from Kansas, Mississippi and New York. Pray that in our last few days here in New York that we would focus on Christ and His sacrifice. We may be tired and we may be achy, but we are doing the Lord’s work and it is worth the cost! 

Caleb Yarbrough
Arkansas Baptist News