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Sandy Blog: Arkansas team prepares another 14,000 meals on Veteran's Day

Arkansas Baptist volunteers unbox supplies.Editor's Note: Caleb Yarbrough, media specialist for the Arkansas Baptist News, is working alongside Arkansas Baptist volunteers serving in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He is blogging his experiences as the team travels to the Empire State to help those in need.

DEER PARK, N.Y. – We got a little more sleep this morning, as we did not have to be at the feeding unit until 5:30 a.m. Once on site, things went smoothly and everyone seemed to be getting into a groove during our second day of work.

Caleb YarbroughOnce again, I worked at the power washing station this morning, but moved over to moving cambros onto pallets so that they could be loaded up into Red Cross ERVs (Emergency Response Vehicles) and shipped out to feed people all over Long Island and New York City.

Other volunteers worked at various cooking stations, cleaning stations, as forklift operators and as labelers so that we would know what kind of food was inside each cambro, as well as the food’s temperature and amount. 

We had two kitchens running all day – one from Arkansas and the other from New York – and by the end of the day we had produced more than 14,000 meals.

Toward the end of the workday, a fellow Arkansas volunteer and myself got the opportunity to speak with one of the Red Cross volunteers for a few minutes. She had driven all the way from California to volunteer in relief efforts in New York. 

Cleaning cambros.Upon returning for the evening to the former Hispanic church that serves as our lodging, we got cleaned up and ate some dinner. One of the volunteers from the Kansas/Nebraska team shared a short devotion focusing on Veteran’s Day. At the end he took a few minutes to recognize all of the veteran’s serving with us this week. By my estimation nearly half of the Arkansas and Kansas/Nebraska volunteers this week served in our country’s military in some form or fashion. 

After the devotion, we had a time of sharing. Several recounted times on our trip in which they have witnessed the power of prayer. A woman from our Arkansas group shared that while we tend to believe that God only cares about the big things; that’s just not the case. She said God cares about everything in our lives, big or small, and that all it takes is for us to ask. 

All in all, we had another blessed day having the opportunity to serve those in need in the name of Christ.

Continue to pray for our team from Arkansas, for the other disaster relief volunteers serving from other states, and for those serving with the Red Cross as well.

Caleb Yarbrough
Arkansas Baptist News


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