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Fayetteville voters approve repeal
of controversial gender ordinance

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ABN Podcast 34 - Fayetteville voters reject controversial gender ordinance. Bill Bumpas, host of the ABN Podcast, talks with Larry Page, executive director of the Arkansas Faith and Ethics Council, about the Dec. 9 vote to repeal a controversial gender ordinance in Fayetteville.

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Meet Joe Baptist and the ABN!

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'Changing Attitudes' forum addresses
church role in counseling, mental health

NORTH LITTLE ROCK – Suicide. Anxiety. Depression. 

These words often seem taboo in churches. But attitudes are changing. 

Changing Attitudes was the theme of a mental health forum held Dec. 1 by Park Hill Baptist Church, North Little Rock. About 250 people attended the event.

Garrick Conner, discipleship pastor at Park Hill Baptist Church, said the idea of “changing attitudes” refers to two things: (1) how the Church’s attitude is already changing in regard to ministering to those with mental and emotional issues and (2) how the Church needs to help change others’ attitudes and fight the stigma associated with mental issues.

The forum emphasized how churches can help those with mental illness, and it highlighted area resources like support groups and counseling services.

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