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New ACP magazine debuts!

Arkansas Christian Parent (ACP) magazine is not only a great resource for churches, but a strategic way to reach out to their community with inspiring articles of faith and biblical living.

ACP magazine is published with today's parent in mind. As Creator of all things, God has provided principles in the Bible to assist parents in raising their children.

Since its debut in 2012, more than 90,000 copies of the magazine have been distributed across Arkansas.

Articles within the pages of ACP include teaching faith at home, how to be an intentional parent, the challenges of blended families and how to pray for your children, in addition to other informative articles.

Churches are encouraged to place a copy of ACP in the hands of all families in their church, as well as give copies to their family, friends and co-workers.

ACP is available through local Baptist associations or at the Little Rock office of the Arkansas Baptist News. For more information on availability, email abn@arkansbaptist.org or call 800-838-2272, ext. 5153.  

View the latest edition at http://issuu.com/arkansasbaptistnews/docs/acp_magazine_winter_2014?e=7664441/10814699.


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